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11.6 Christmas Ceramics

11.6 Christmas Ceramics

Hammer & Stain SOMN

Looking for an excuse to put your tree up early?  Come paint a ceramic one and then set it out as your first Christmas decoration!
Join us for a Christmas Ceramic Workshop at Hammer & Stain SoMN, downtown Waseca!  Saturday November 6th at 11am.  Paint colors will be chosen while at the event.  Feel free to bring in your own drinks and snacks while partying.


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Interested in taking it home to paint let us know and we will package it up for take home fun. 

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Once your order has been submitted we are immediately beginning the process of production of your personalized stencil. Due to the nature of our business there are NO REFUNDS available. If you are unable to attend we are willing to work with you to set up a one on one appointment, or pack your items up as a take home project. Hammer & Stain reserves the right to make any amendments to this policy at any time. If you have any inquiries regarding cancellations or any of our other policies please contact us.