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8.15 Bachelorette Party Deposit

8.15 Bachelorette Party Deposit

Hammer & Stain SOMN

In order to secure this date, you MUST submit the $50 deposit, and $40 Traveling Fee.  As the hostess, YOU are responsible for inviting guests and making sure they register by your deadline. The deadline for ALL guests to register is 5 days prior to your event. 

If you cancel or reschedule your Fundraiser for ANY reason your deposit will be forfeited.

To get your full deposit back, you MUST have at least 12 guests {including yourself} register AND ATTEND your event. The deposit will be refunded within 48 hours after your event takes place. If for some reason you do not get at least 12 guests {including yourself} registered by the deadline (5 days prior to event), your event will continue with the current registrations, however your deposit will NOT be refundable.

ALL guests that plan to attend MUST register by the deadline! 

Once someone has registered and picked their design NO CHANGES can be made. Please make sure everyone understands this. Once your deposit has been received, I will set up your exclusive registration link! :)

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Once your order has been submitted we are immediately beginning the process of production of your personalized stencil. Due to the nature of our business there are NO REFUNDS available. If you are unable to attend we are willing to work with you to set up a one on one appointment, or pack your items up as a take home project. Hammer & Stain reserves the right to make any amendments to this policy at any time. If you have any inquiries regarding cancellations or any of our other policies please contact us.